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Warden Hill Infant School

Pineapple Class

New to Year 1 in September 2024

Introduction to Year 1 Presentation


Meet the Pineapple Class team

Class teacher - Miss Bibi 

Teaching assistant - Mrs Barton

SEND support staff - Miss Duffeild 


Pineapple Class Timetable

Our learning in Summer 1


In English we have been looking at the book Anna Hibiscus. This is a story about a little girl who lives in Africa. It is full of short stories about her life. The children compare their lives and families to hers and develop a retelling of the story. Children will have the opportunity to write questions, create poems, create thought bubbles and write facts about Africa. We will be rewriting and retelling the story ‘Anna Hibiscus On Holiday’. The children will Also be learning how and when to use exclamation marks.


In Math's this half term we are learning about multiplication and division in its earliest form, which we are calling grouping and sharing. We have been recognizing and making equal and unequal groups and then arranging them into groups called arrays. We have mostly built on the knowledge of counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s by using groups of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s in our learning.

We will also be looking at fractions, recognizing and finding half and quarter of a shape and quantity. Then as we approach half term we will be using directional language such as half turn, quarter turn, near, under and above.



 In Science this term we are completing our work on how the weather changes with the seasons that we have been monitoring throughout the year. Our Summer topic is ‘animals’ and we are looking at the different vertebrates in the first half term. Children will have the opportunity to research, group and classify these different animals to know more about their habitats, diets and appearances. We will also be comparing and contrasting these animals with different species as well as other vertebrates. 


This half term we will be exploring paint and water colours. Children will be exploring mixing colours. They will be exploring shades and tones.

Experiment with a variety of media; pencils, crayons, pastels, felt tips, charcoal, chalk. Children will be able to recognise the work of notable artists or designers and give an opinion on their work.


For History this half term we are learning about the history of communication. We will be looking at methods of communication from all eras and comparing telephones from different decades to the telephones we see today. We will be looking at the changing functions of telephones, from communication devices to the multi-faceted technological wonders that they are today. Children will create timelines of communication methods, telephones and the life of a significant historical figure; Alexander Graham Bell.


Our PE days are Monday (outside) and Wednesday (inside).

Please make sure your child is wearing the correct PE kit on PE days. The school PE kit is: trainers, black jogging bottoms, white t shirt and a black jumper or their school jumper. Please also ensure that your child is not wearing any jewellery and that if they have long hair it is tied up. 


Please ensure your child's phonics folder (with their books) comes in to school every day so that they have it available when it needs changing. The book changing day will differ depending on which group they are in and where they are in the teaching cycle. 

Library: We go to the library every Friday so please can your child's library book come in to school to be changed on Friday's.


In computing our new topic is coding. 


Our topic this term is Relationships. Children will discuss what makes a good friend and discuss why their families are important to them. 


If you have any questions contact the class teacher on Pineapple@wardenhillinfant.co.uk