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Warden Hill Infant School

Vision & Values

The Vision of Warden Hill Infant School


At Warden Hill Infant School we aim to be a community that is nurturing, happy and supportive, where everyone has a sense of belonging and feels safe. We strive to create an inclusive environment which is rich in communiaction, where approachability and transparency are key. Through meaningful and memorable experiences, our high quality curricullum creates independant, resilient and curious lifelong learners. We pride ourselves on building a strong foundation of trust and relationships, ultimately leading to a lasting positive experience of our school.

Our Values

Learning at Warden Hill Infant School is underpinned by the value that we celebrate:

  • September is the value of Friendship
  • October is the value of Gratitude
  • November is the value of Respect
  • December is the value of Courage
  • January is the value of Determination
  • February is the value of Selflessness
  • March is the value of Resilience
  • April is the value of Empathy
  • May is the value of Integrity
  • June is the value of Co-operation
  • July is the value of Responsibility

Our Motto

  • Learning together, growing together