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Warden Hill Infant School

Curriculum Vision

At Warden Hill Infant School we aim to provide a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum to ensure that our pupils engage wholeheartedly in their learning. We want our children to grow up being able to make a positive contribution to the world in which they live and to be active life-long learners.  

Our curriculum aims to provide a coherent progression in each subject so that when a child moves to the next year group, they are building on their previous knowledge and skills. We want our children to become confidently literate and numerate, to enable them to access the whole range of subject areas with ease. Through using a mastery approach we aim to embed knowledge and enable children to make connections between different aspects of learning and different contexts. Vocabulary is taught, explained, modelled in context and revisited in order to broaden our children's language skills across the curriculum. We want our children to develop excellent oracy skills; to be readers for life; to be fascinated by science; to be able to engage with the cultural world, and to be healthy, active and safe.

Underpinning this, we aim to develop each child’s personal skills and wider values. We want our children, through the curriculum we provide, to develop independence, tolerance and empathy, so they become emotionally literate and morally responsible citizens.  Our core set of school values, which are shared and lived with our children, parents and staff, are woven through the life of our school.

Our curriculum is enhanced by a range of experiences which enable our children to understand and explore the world, for example through trips, visitors and hands-on learning experiences. These help them to develop as independent, informed and inquisitive learners.

Throughout our curriculum we recognise and value children’s particular strengths. We encourage each child to reach their full potential, and we work hard to celebrate all successes. It is important to us that our children believe in themselves and are both confident and resilient.

We strive to excite children’s curiosity and wonder at the world around them, and to develop their thinking and creativity. We know that the world today demands learners who can show a creative response to problems, who can be questioning and discerning in response to information, who can think critically, and communicate effectively. We aim to sow the seeds of these attributes in our pupils through the curriculum we provide.