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Skills Progression

The computing curriculum at Warden Hill Infant School requires children to develop a wide range of skills.  The computer Skills Progression document gives teachers the ability to focus learning at the right, demanding level for each year group.

Please click on Skills Progression Document to view.

Computing in EYFS

One of the four focused areas of learning in the EYFS framework is Understanding the World. It entails giving children opportunities to explore, observe, and learn about people, places, technology, and the environment in order to help them make sense of their physical world and their community. 

Children in the EYFS can use a variety of technologies to help their learning. The smartboard, iPads, and beebots will all be utilised in this. Children will also employ technology in their play as they get more familiar with how it functions in daily life. This could involve employing technology—such as phones or microwaves—in household role-playing or imaginative play—where blocks or other objects are used to represent objects like cameras, laptops, and phones. 

Purple Mash

We follow the Purple Mash Computing Scheme of Work at Warden Hill Infant School. This programme is excellent and provides a full range of materials that connect to the National Curriculum for Computing, Technology, and Digital Competence.

Purple Mash is designed to help teachers offer high-quality computer classes so that children get the most out of their education.

Throughout the academic year, all three aspects of computing—Computer Science, Digital Literacy, and Information Technology—are taught.

To view the key topic/concepts that the children will be learning, click on the Key Organisers links:

Year 1 Knowledge organiser

Year 2 Knowlede organiser

Key Vocabulary

Click on the links below to view the glossary of vocabulary linked to computing:

Year 1 Key Vocabulary

Year 2 Key Vocabulary